“At Ignite Medispa, we take great pride in ensuring that we deliver services that are appropriate and bespoke to each patient.  This is why we provide ‘proper’ (educational) consultations which are medical (i.e. involving a doctor) and why we avoid ‘menu-based’ prices.  There is no ‘one size fits all’.  At times, the correct pathway is ‘not to treat’ a patient.

Each individual patient must be involved in decision-making, and it is the role of the doctor (or the dentist) to ensure that the decision is ‘informed’.  This means that meaningful dialogue must take place, and doctors and dentists must understand what matters to the patient, so that appropriate information may be provided.  This information must include the pros and cons of different decisions, including not having a procedure.

Healthcare professionals must be satisfied that the decision chosen is in the best interests of the patient.  Should a treatment, whether individual or a package, be decided upon; then, this may only occur with appropriate consent from each patient particularly given the elective nature of aesthetic medicine and surgery.  Consent is a deep, complex, and continuous process which is integral to healthcare, and it may be implied, verbal, or written.

Dentistry, and the art of medicine and especially surgery, involve many variables.  Uncertainty is part and parcel of this, and risk-mitigation is fundamental.  We promise to try our very best and to take a pragmatic and rational approach.”

Dr. Niro Sivathasan