Payment Options

The majority of Group Ignite’s patients do not require assistance with funding, but this topic is still commonly asked about.

Our clinics, Ignite Medispa® and Just.Cos® Cosmetic Surgery, are registered medical practices, and we are not qualified to provide financial advice.  We also do not offer any in-house financial products, and feel that best practice is for clinics to remain financially neutral and to not offer in-house payment plans.

However, we do accept multiple payment options and can certainly provide quotes to give to companies that provide personal loans.  Some companies (as listed further down the page) especially provide loans for healthcare purposes, and examples are Humm, Open Pay, and TLC Finance.

We recommend that you obtain financial advice from your accountant or financial advisor.

Payment Options, Ignite Medispa Wollongong

Humm allows customers to divide the cost of their purchases into smaller, more manageable instalments or ‘slices’, which are then paid back periodically and without interest.

Payment Options, Ignite Medispa Wollongong

Openpay is another payment solutions enabling customers to purchase now and pay later, with no interest. Openpay is available in Australia and New Zealand.

Payment Options, Ignite Medispa Wollongong

Supercare works in collaboration with your G.P. to streamline the compassionate release of superannuation for surgical and dental procedures.

Payment Options, Ignite Medispa Wollongong

TLC funds all medical and dental treatments, including out-of-pocket costs. Flexible terms, where any additional repayments can be added back on to the payment plan at no extra charge.

Payment Options, Ignite Medispa Wollongong

Zip is a simple interest-free payment solution that allows purchases without the need for a credit card. Customers can make their repayments either weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Disclaimer: We have no financial partnerships with any finance provider, and do not recommend one company over another.

If you need to finance part of or all of your procedure’s fees/ costs; national regulations require that you must source your own funding externally (e.g. through a bank, or any number of loan providers such as the abovementioned, which are easily found by doing an Internet search). 


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