Ayurvé Spa at Ignite Medispa

The home to Sydney’s most exclusive cosmetic treatments, beauty and spa experiences.

Premium Beauty, Cosmetic and Spa Services in Sydney

Welcome to Sydney’s premier spa. Ayurvé Spa is a luxurious space offering bespoke cosmetic, beauty and skincare treatments as well as spa relaxation services. Designed to inspire unforgettable experiences, Ayurvé Spa focuses of relaxation and state-of-the-art treatments that aim to deliver incredible results.

Not only do we offer world-class beauty and spa services, but our spa is designed to help you unwind and reduce stress. So whether you fancy a private or discreet experience, exclusive premium beauty products at your fingertips, impeccable personalised service or exclusive relaxation and spa services, Ayurvé Spa simply has it all.

The Rebirth of Ayurvé at Ignite Medispa Wollongong

Ayurvé Spa has undertaken a complete upgrade in line with our commitment to offering the very best of premium beauty and spa experiences in Sydney.

Perfecting every moment to create an unforgettable experience.

Enhance your beauty with the most exclusive range of products and treatments

Ayurvé Spa has the most exclusive range of beauty products and treatments to bring you an unparalleled personalised approach to your skincare and beauty. Our cosmetic treatments combine the latest and most promising technologies with premium products for results that are truly amazing.

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You are in good hands

Our wonderful doctors are industry recognised professionals with a true passion for turning our patient's goals into success stories.

State of the art facilities

We have coupled excellence in service with state of the art facilities and the latest technology.

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