Wisdom Tooth Removal


Many people across Australia struggle with wisdom teeth or third molars. The removal of these often extremely painful teeth is common practice in the dental industry. At the back of your gums, wisdom teeth appear as you grow older. They are the last teeth to grow and can frequently cause pain and discomfort. The common amount of wisdom teeth to have is 4.

Usually, wisdom teeth appear around the late teens or early 20s. At this point in our lives, all other 28 teeth should be in place and often there is not adequate space left. This is why wisdom teeth can grow at an angle or only partially emerge. When wisdom teeth emerge in this way, they are known as impacted wisdom teeth.

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A word from Dr. Niro S. regarding Wisdom Tooth Removal at Ignite MediSpa

Dr. Niro Sivathasan welcomes you to Ignite Medispa, the world’s first Medispa inside a hospital. At Ignite Medispa, we take great pride in ensuring that we deliver services that are appropriate and bespoke to each patient. This is why we provide ‘proper’ (educational) consultations which are medical (i.e. involving a doctor) and why we avoid “menu-based” prices. There is no “one size fits all”. We are delighted to have you here and can’t wait to meet you and find out more about your goals and concerns.

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About your Wisdom Tooth Removal Treatment

The Doctors and Practitioners at Ignite Medispa are highly qualified, industry recognised professionals in their respective fields. Be confident knowing that our doctors are experts in Wisdom Tooth Removal Treatments.

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