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Acne is a common skin disease involving blockage of the pilosebaceous units (oil glands and hair follicles in the skin), that frequently leads to inflammation.  The key factor behind acne is genetics, and around 1 in 11 of the population suffer from acne. The typically affected areas are the face and back.

During teenage years, males suffer more with acne than females; however, during adulthood, women suffer more (and some women suffer from increased breakouts during pregnancy).

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What Are The Options Available For Dealing With Scarring Due To Acne?

At Ignite Medispa®, we offer medi-facials with salicylic acid and with benzoyl peroxide, which help to manage acne.  We also offer chemical peels and resurfacing to improve scarring.

Acne-related scarring is improved by improving the topographical uniformity of the skin (i.e. reducing the difference in the irregularity of the skin).  This may be achieved in a number of ways: Subcision or Resurfacing.

Ignite Medispa® is a premium partner clinic for Cynosure, and we were delighted to be one of the first clinics in Australia to get the Vivace system (RF microneedling).  All of our staff have seen the excellent transformations provided by this system for many types of aged-, damaged-, and tired-looking- skin.

*Please follow this link to see our Chemical Peels and Facials To Treat Acne

What Are The Causes Of Acne?

Addressing these factors shall reduce the likelihood of breakouts:

  • Bacterial load (of Cutibacterium acnes) found in the skin;
  • Reducing the amount of oil (sebum) that is produced;
  • Reducing the amount of dead and/ or thickened skin on the surface (hyper keratinisation blocks the hair follicles).

There is a plethora of external agents, lifestyle factors, and physiological states, that also aggravate acne.  Examples are medication (e.g. anticonvulsants and anabolic steroids), PCOS (polycystic ovaries), and pregnancy.

Accutane/Rotaccutane(Isotretinoin) and Injectibles

  • There has been a lot of misinformation about the use of Accutane/Roaccutane (prescribed for severe acne, especially in younger people) and the fragility of the skin.
  • Isotretinoin works at the level of the oil glands/hair follicles of the skin and it suppresses inflammation of the skin.  It is one of the few, clearly-proven approaches to addressing acne, and it results in significant improvement (typically >50%) after just 2-3 months’ use.  However, dry and fragile skin (with an increased likelihood of cracking) is a possibility. The skin is also more photosensitive, i.e. vulnerable to the damaging effects of UV light as found in the sun, so the use of something like Amaranté PNP ( for its moisturizing and SPF benefits, is recommended.
  • If seeking fillers in other areas, then the question is whether there is ‘active’ acne or not.  If there is active acne, there shall be a higher risk of contamination if injecting through the inflamed area.
  • Regarding receiving anti-wrinkle injections (botulinum neurotoxin type-A) when somebody is on treatment for acne, there is ‘no’ issue whatsoever.

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