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Collagen is responsible for maintaining appropriate tightness, elasticity and suppleness of the facial tissues. Loss of collagen contributes substantially to the cardinal signs of aging.

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Understanding Collagen

Over time, collagen loss contributes substantially to the cardinal signs of aging. This is because collagen is one of the most important support structures of the face and is directly responsible for how appropriately tight and elastic the facial tissues are.

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At Ignite Medispa, when it comes to naturally refining a person’s facial characteristics, it is important to not just consider the person’s desired transformation, nor to only correct obvious signs of ageing, but to also evaluate the proportion and balance in the context of ethnic variation.

Dr Niro Sivathasan, Australia’s Leading Collagen Stimulator Professional

3 Things you must know about Collagen Stimulators

How is Collagen Stimulators different to Dermal Fillers?

Collagen stimulators are technically an advanced form of Dermal Filler. Not only do they have the volumising properties of traditional Dermal Fillers but they are made out of a substance that stimulates natural type 1 collagen production by the body leading to a long term improvement in restoring facial volume and skin quality.

Consequently, normal fillers will degrade over time, with a progressive loss of volume whereas Collagen Stimulators have the key benefit of longevity, giving a prolonged tangible effect that may last many years.

How can I benefit from using Collagen Stimulators?

One of the key benefits of Collagen treatments is that it is useful in people of all ages. The known benefits of collagen stimulators include:

  • Restoring facial volume
  • Improving skin quality
  • Contouring the cheeks, jawline and chin

Additionally, it has been advised that Collagen Stimulators feel more natural when injected into the native tissue as opposed to other fillers.

Are Collagen Stimulators safe?

The use of Collagen Stimulators are a safe and effective way to restore facial volume and increase skin quality for the long term.

The medical professionals at Ignite Medispa are advocates of safe and practical procedures and strongly recommend consulting with one of our Cosmetic Doctors before using Collagen Stimulators.

Find out if Collagen Stimulators are right for you and reach out to the team at Ignite Medispa to learn more about the procedure.

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From left – Registered Nurse Rebecca Jepsen, Dr. Niro Sivathasan, Dr. Ahmad Sayed Hasanien and Dr. Aaron Stanes.

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