For Men

Our Leading Male Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr.Niro Sivathasan, offers the best male cosmetic procedures such as Penile Enhancement, Penile Enlargement and Man Boob Reductions.

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For Women

At Ignite Medispa, we have the best Wollongong Cosmetic Surgeon for Breast Augmentation, Breast Lifts, Tummy-Tucks, Body Sculpting, Vaginoplasty and much more.

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Our experts offer a complete range of cosmetic surgical procedures for both women and men. Face Lifts, Eye Lid Rejuvenation, Body Lift, Liposuction, Fat Transfer and much more.

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Some Considerations about Pricing for Surgical Procedures

Facility Fee

Whether you have your procedure done in a hospital’s formal operating room or a private clinic, there’s a charge for use of the facility.  This is usually time-based, and also covers consumables and instruments.

Anaesthesia Fee

If deep sedation or a general anaesthetic is required, then this must be provided by an anaesthetist; therefore, there shall be a fee levied for the services of this doctor, and also for the staff required to assist and then for the recovery phase (immediately after the operation).

Other Considerations

Is the required surgery a ‘primary operation’ (i.e. first time) or is it a revision procedure or secondary operation (i.e. done for a second time after many years, e.g. another facelift).  Generally, due to the presence of scar tissue, revision procedures and secondary operations require greater time, have a higher complication risk, and outcomes are less predictable.