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Man-Boob Reduction or Male Breast reduction can be a practical solution to men with enlarged breasts.

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Enlarged male breasts, otherwise known as Gynaecomastia, can cause emotional discomfort and may affect a man’s self-confidence. Gynaecomastia is the excessive enlargement of the male breast and may be present in one breast (unilaterally) or in both breasts (bilaterally). Excess breast tissue can also cause a man’s breasts to sag and stretch the areola (the dark skin surrounding the nipple).

Ignite Medispa provides professional care and a completely discreet service to address your needs. Located inside Wollongong Private Hospital, Ignite Medispa has a world-class facility and with the discreet location, is able to provide you with complete anonymity.

Understanding Gynaecomastia

Gynaecomastia (or enlarged breasts) is common in men of any age and may develop as a result of:

  • Hormonal changes
  • Weight gain
  • Hereditary conditions
  • Certain medication
  • Use of non-prescription or recreational drugs, including anabolic steroids and marijuana.

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