Ignite Medispa Pricing Guide

These are indicative prices only. Individual prices shall depend on what is discussed in the consultation which is specific to each patient.

The consultation fee will be deducted from the cost of treatment(s) should you wish to proceed with the treatment(s). The minimum fee to see a doctor is $200, aside from skin checks (which are between $99 and $180 out-of-pocket)

ConsultationsPrices from
Laser / Skin Appointment - Therapist$50
Non-surgical Appointment for the Face - Doctor$200
Non-surgical Appointment for the Body - Doctor$250
Surgical Appointment - Doctor$250
Mole Check / Skin Cancer Review - Doctor$99 to $180 (out-of-pocket)

Face Treatments

Treatments Prices from
Lip Filler$550 to $800 per mL
Nose Fillers$990 to $1,500 per mL
Anti-wrinkle (Wrinkle Relaxers)
$15-$18 per unit

Mole Removal & Scarring

Treatments Prices from
Scar Revision$350 to $700
Skin Lesion / Mole Removal $350 to $450 (out-of-pocket) for 1st mole, then $100 per mole.


Treatments Prices from
LED Light Therapy
Peel & LED Light Therapy
Medifacial & LED Light Therapy
Laser Toning Medifacial & LED Light Therapy
Vivace (Radio Frequency Microneedling, Face & Neck)$1,200
NeoGen (Plasma Skin Resurfacing, Face & Neck)$2,000
Helium or Nitrogen Plasma (Advanced Skin Resurfacing, Face & Neck)$500 to $2,500
Pigmentation Treatment$150
Vascular Treatment$150

Some Considerations about Pricing for Surgical Procedures

Facility Fee

Whether you have your procedure done in a hospital’s formal operating room or a private clinic, there’s a charge for use of the facility.  This is usually time-based, and also covers consumables and instruments.

Anaesthesia Fee

If deep sedation or a general anaesthetic is required, then this must be provided by an anaesthetist; therefore, there shall be a fee levied for the services of this doctor, and also for the staff required to assist and then for the recovery phase (immediately after the operation).

Other Considerations

Is the required surgery a ‘primary operation’ (i.e. first time) or is it a revision procedure or secondary operation (i.e. done for a second time after many years, e.g. another facelift).  Generally, due to the presence of scar tissue, revision procedures and secondary operations require greater time, have a higher complication risk, and outcomes are less predictable.

At Ignite Medispa® we use the superb GentleMax ‘Pro’ by Candela Medical, which we believe is the gold standard for laser hair-removal (also known as photoepilation).

Laser hair removal provides near-permanent hair-reduction, and all areas of the body may be treated.  Caution needs to be applied to those with darker skin types, and we strongly request that fake tan should not be present (in order to minimize compromising the treatment). 

Multiple treatments shall very likely be required.  We advise no less than 3 treatments, but ideally 6 to 8 treatments to see a meaningful response.  10 treatments over a period of 15 months or so, is likely to produce the best outcome.

The typical ‘minimum’ interval period is 6 weeks, but for the face might be as short as 3 weeks, and for the body might be up to 10 weeks.  Though the majority of clients seek this treatment for cosmetic reasons only (i.e. reduction in hirsutism), those who suffer with the following might have a ‘medical’ basis:

  • Acne keloidalis nuchae,
  • Pseudofolliculitis barbae.

Most consider the treatments to be very tolerable without needing anaesthesia.  For the small minority who are very sensitive to pain, it is possible to have a high-strength topical anaesthetic, but this shall result in a treatment delay of around 25 minutes, and shall therefore attract an additional charge (typically around $25).  It may, therefore, be an idea to take some paracetamol beforehand.

These are guideline prices only and are in Australian Dollars inclusive of G.S.T., correct as of 01 May 2021.  Small areas/ stray hairs, when done as add-ons, shall be cheaper.  Larger areas shall naturally attract a higher charge. 


Ears $15
Sideburns (female)$29
Chin (female)$19
Upper lip$19
Upper lip and chin$29
Mid-brow (monobrow)$9
Upper Beard Line (male)$29

Torso (Chest/Tummy/Back)

Back (half)$89 to $129
Back (full) $119 to $179
Chest (usu. men)$129 to $149
Stomach (usu. men)$75 to $99
Shoulders (usu. men)$56 to $99
Lower, central abdomen (‘Snail Trail’ / Escutcheon region)$35
Buttocks $109 to $129

* The range reflects the size of the area which needs to be treated.

Genital Area (Women Only)

Bikini line (upper, inner thigh)$49
Front Brazilian (vulva and perineum)$35

* Please note that the definition of ‘Brazilian’ in this context varies between clinics.  Our ‘Brazilian’ treatments are only for the vulva and perineum.  We do not offer treatments to the perianal area.

Upper Limbs

Armpits $25
Arms (half)$59
Arms (full)$99

Lower Limbs

Feet and toes$29
Half legs$119 to $149
Full legs$149 to 199

* The range reflects the size of the area which needs to be treated.


Half legs + front Brazilian + armpits$149 to $179
Full legs + front Brazilian + armpits$189 to $229
Forearms + lower legs$139 to $179
Front Brazilian + armpits$49
Women’s pack (armpits, upper limbs, front Brazilian, + lower limbs)$299 to $329
Men’s pack (chest + stomach)$189 to $229

Multi-Treatment Discount

Only for services over $20 and only when pre-paying:

  • Pack of 3 of the same treatments, save 5%.
  • Pack of 6 of the same treatments, save 15%.
  • Pack of 10 of the same treatments, save 25%.
  • Pro-rata refunds shall not be made unless we have to cease offering the service unilaterally for whatever reason (e.g. we feel that further treatments would be harmful to your skin).
  • Multi-packs are not transferable.

So for example:

TREATMENT1 Session3 Sessions
(Save 5%)
6 Sessions
(Save 15%)
10 Sessions
(Save 25%)
Armpits (underarms)$25$71.25
(= $23.75 each)
(= $21.25 each)
(= $18.75 each)
Front Brazilian$35$99.75
(= $33.25 each)
(= $29.75 each)
(= $26.25 each)
Full Arms$99$282.15
(= $94.05 each)
(= $84.15 each)
(= $74.25 each)

Please note:

  • We don’t provide waxing treatments.
  • Laser treatments are not provided to male genitalia.
  • We do not price-match chain clinics for a number of reasons.

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