Treatments for Men at Ignite Medispa

Treatments for Men at Ignite Medispa, Ignite Medispa Wollongong

Over recent years, male cosmetic treatments and surgery have seen a huge increase in popularity. Besides the treatments that are considered “unixex” (suitable for men and women) such as anti-wrinkle injections, the requests for male exclusive treatments specifically have grown exponentially.

More than ever before, men are seeking not only preventative treatments to look youthful and delay the pass of time, but also many corrective and enhancing procedures. In this last category, many men look for enhancements to features that are considered as more “masculine”, such as defined cheeks, chiseled chin and jawline, to name a few.

Whereas many others are simply looking to boost their self-confidence by enhancing the look of certain areas. This includes procedures targeted at private and surrounding areas. Whatever the intent, the cosmetic surgeons and doctors at Ignite Medispa can help you achieve the results you are after.

Some popular procedures amongst male customers at Ignite Medispa include:


  • Sharpen the jawline/ improve jawline definition (achieved using fillers);
  • Soften wrinkles (i.e. anti-wrinkle injections).

Torso (Chest and Abdomen)

Groin Area

  • Liposuction (for a buried penis) and pubic hitch (for supporting a droopy groin)


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Not sure if you would be a good candidate? Have questions? Dr. Niro S., medical director at Ignite Medispa has helped many men achieve their cosmetic goals.

Dr. Niro has been practising for over 16 years with an extensive background in cosmetic treatments and surgery and is regarded as one of Australia’s top cosmetic surgeons for male procedures. He has a genuine passion for providing his patients with life changing treatments.

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